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Kanak Building Citibank

Kanak Building is one of the top architectural beauties located at the crossing of Middleton Street & Chowringhee Road, presently having offices of Standard Chartered, Citibank and others. Citibank is a member of Citigroup, a leading company in the field of financial services with 200 years of experience, with over 200 million customers to open accounts in more than 100 countries on six continents. 

The story of Citigroup has its roots in the establishment of Citibank, which took place in 1812 in the United States. Today Citigroup is a global holding company can offer diversified financial services, whose economic activities guarantee to consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services. 

Citigroup has the right prerequisites to achieve a solid and consistent profitability, financial strength, operational efficiency, strategic clarity and a great disposition for the development and maintenance over time of such conditions. The essential elements that make up the strategy of Citigroup are the focus on the customer, the overall strength and continuous innovation. 

Citibank is the first Indian private sector bank established and started its operations in Calcutta in 1902, thanks to the involvement in several development projects such as the financing of highways, power plants and dams. In 1981, Citibank has entered the sector of banking services for companies as a subsidiary of Citibank, launching its banking business for the commercial sector since 1998. 

Present in Calcutta for 112 years, Citibank meets the financial needs of businesses with a full range of products and services that provide loans, treasury products, corporate finance, cash management, financing activities and foreign commercial custodial services. Citibank India is close to its corporate and commercial clients through branches, online banking and telephone banking services to CitiDirect of CitiService. 

Moreover, the family of services Transaction Services Citibank offers a great variety of possibilities for liquidity management and business and financial services targeted at companies in Kolkata, to ensure complete business solutions and treasury, to provide innovative tools, platforms valid and robust access to important information, as well as the experience of a team of professionals globally. 

Citibank constantly collaborates with its clients to improve the operational efficiency of a group that is one of the most important market in the provision of loans to the supply chain by transferring its global customers in Kolkata through cutting-edge technologies that accompany both solutions for sellers as well as those for the buyers. 

The headquarters of the Citibank is among the banks providing the best solutions in terms of credit management, debt and liquidity and is considered the market leader for dedicated services to the securities, with a market share of equity equal to more than 45% held by foreign investors. The Indian division manages approximately 16% of the total value of payments through the system of payment in national currency (EFT) and is in second place after the Central Bank. 

Citigroup is committed towards India and the Indian economy, whose performance is remarkable, with a steady growth recorded. Structural reforms, the economic parameters stable, skilled workforce, the geographic location, the massive domestic market and young population have helped to make Kolkata a great destination for economic activities. 

The aim of the Kolkata office of Citibank is asking its customers as a trusted advisor and business partner providing its experience and its products in the Indian market.