Jamai Sasthi

Purnima Full Moon

Purnima or full moon or Poornima is the date of the full moon, the day considered particularly favorable by Hindus, which in some communities is celebrated by fasting from dawn to dusk. It is believed that fasting Purnima aid to purify from sins committed.

The full moon is the phase of the moon during which the lunar hemisphere illuminated by the Sun is fully visible from the Earth. This is because the position of the satellite is opposite to the Sun than the Earth. In this way the moon is visible for the entire night. When the Moon, Earth and Sun are perfectly aligned on the line of nodes happens to coincide with the full moon, an eclipse of the Moon.

The majestic moon show has special significance because it coincides with the full moon of summer, night of magical rites and propitiatory throughout the Eastern world, from Thailand to Burma to China, to live in the city between a cocktail moon and an explosion of color. From India comes the most colorful festival of the summer, which now invest with the traditional Eastern rite HOLI, celebrating the night of the full moon for a day bringing social harmony and spiritual, kicked off in a battle of dust the gulaal, non-toxic and safe for the skin and lungs it will color all the participants and the location of the red, green, blue, pink, orange, yellow and purple, creating a one of a kind. 

Everything has been designed to transform the medieval village in the temple of the Moon, where to spend a special evening illuminated by its own light as it is used in Thailand, where during the full moon of the population relies on water floating baskets with small candles and incense sticks lit to ward off bad luck.