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Teachers Day Kolkata

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Teachers Day is a special day in which students thank their teachers, who are crucial to their growth. It is a time to hear for teachers. In India, unlike other places in the world, education is perceived as fundamental, as well as the efforts made ​​by those who work in education. Who knows how to teach well every day receives a small gift and a silent thank you. A day dedicated to what would be the occasion to give the opportunity of even the most timid expressions.

A teacher is a professional who belongs to the realm of knowledge workers or knowledge workers , mainly in the institutions of formal education as a human resource belonging to a specific educational project.

Access is the case for preschool, elementary and secondary education, including art schools and art schools, 50% of places for that purpose assignable, through competition based on qualifications and tests, and the remaining 50% drawing on insolvency rankings that have been transformed into permanent as a result of the rule.

Qualifications required are diploma at the teacher training schools or in teacher training schools, or certification valid for competitions at the posts of professor of kindergarten; diploma in teacher training schools for competitions in places of elementary teacher; graduation as established by the Minister of Education and qualification valid for teaching discipline or group of disciplines where competition refers to competitions for professorships and teaching posts in secondary schools, except for the teachings which is sufficient for the diploma of upper secondary education.

The teacher is among the categories considered as a social service profession.