Shyambazar is a neighbourhood in north Kolkata famous for its five point crossing. When Bengalis talk about Kosha Mangsho Spicy Mutton the name of Golbari of erstwhile New Punjabi Hotel pops out most of the times what one has been familiar with for 85 years at the Shyambazar five-point famous for the very dark coloured, spicy-sweet kosha mangsho. 

Their purpose is to group pedestrians in places easily recognizable by the driver who must always give priority to those they are in transit across these areas of the roadway. All this of course to increase the road safety of both the person walking both for those who are traveling on a vehicle.

Generally, pedestrian crossings are located at the intersections, but also in any other place of a road that would be difficult for pedestrians to cross without them. Pedestrian crossings may also be considered a system to reduce the speed of vehicles if this were raised and act as a speed bump.

Especially in major urban centers, have been installed at the traffic lights of the city centers, some aids and facilities that can facilitate pedestrians with vision problems the case of sound instruments that are activated and produce a sound when the traffic light is green for pedestrians and of tactile pathways that allow these people to readily identify the traffic lights and cross the road safely.

These measures combined slaughter of architectural barriers, ensure that even the less skilled, they can still enjoy and better use of the city. In the streets of greater width and greater vehicular traffic, where it is not possible or easy to prepare overpasses or underpasses, you can create islands buoy which, in the true sense of the word, allow the pedestrian to save if it is delayed in crossing the roadway, giving the possibility to make the crossing in two times.

The islands allow, moreover, to break the crossing in two distinct phases focusing time to time the attention of the pedestrian in a single direction of origin of the vehicles. Its floor is raised above street wing.