World Telecommunication Day

World Telecommunication Day now renamed into World Information Society Day, is a tribute to this system and a day to focus on the importance of Information and Communication technologies. Graham Bell wanted the greeting on telephone to be Ahoy, which later was changed by Abraham Lincoln as Hello.

Telecommunication has graduated to become a major part of the economy. Business, dealings, regular communication everything now depends on telecommunication. Telecommunication is a word which defines the complete connectivity of the World. International Telecommunication Union, in acronym ITU since English International Telecommunication Union is an international organization that is responsible for defining the standard in telecommunications and the use of radio waves.

It was founded on May 17th 1865 in Paris from 20 members as the International Telegraph Union, changes with its current name in 1932 . Since 1947 is one of the specialized agencies of the United Nations and the current headquarters is in Geneva. The May 17 is celebrated the World Telecommunication and Information Society.

In these areas it is added to the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber ​​Threats IMPACT, based in Kuala Lumpur. Structured modeled on the various national agencies for emergency information, the stated purpose of IMPACT is to share information about computer viruses and urgent vulnerabilities in the world. So far, the United States refused to join this agency of the ITU, part of the competitor ICANN. Are members in 140 countries, plus Russia, China, Iran lobbied for an intergovernmental control of the Internet, delegated to a UN agency.

By December 2012 it is planned World Conference on International Telecommunications WCIT in Dubai, where the ITU define the standard of the Internet for the next few decades among the proposals in the field: registration requirement and static IP addresses and names.