Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial, built between 1906 and 1921, is a glorious architectural monument of white marble. This magnificent memorial is a wonderful combination of Italian and Mughal style. Victoria Memorial, the most famous and most photographed monuments of Calcutta, a mammoth building whose construction were profuse tons of white marble. It was inaugurated on 28 December 1921 by the then Prince of Wales intended then to ascend the throne as Edward VIII. Today it is a museum with collections of paintings and weapons that retrace the epic British in India.  

Every corner in Kolkata is a picture, and here is the risk of being too obvious. A portrait of Calcutta or Kolkata, its people and its culture by the endless conversations, called Adda. In 2011, the Trinamool Congress comes to power, putting an end to the communist regime and Calcutta through enormous changes shopping malls and skyscrapers replace the old architecture, the young leave the city, the traffic intensifies and becomes the name of the city Kolkata. The conversations, however, do not decrease: on street corners, in cafes, markets and living rooms.