St Xavier's College

St Xavier's College

St. Xavier's College is a master's college founded in 1860, named after St. Francis Xavier, a Jesuit saint of the 16th century, who travelled to India. This college accommodates approximately 5000 students from across India and around the world in its programs in art, science, Commerce, information systems and application programs.

St. Xavier's College was founded in 1860 by Jesuits, an all-male Catholic religious order formed by Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Francis Xavier was born as a seminar Catholic, and gained all the powers of university in 2014 by an act of the Government of Bengal. In 2010 was celebrated the 150th anniversary of St. Xavier's College.

St. Xavier's College is the best university undergraduate in Calcutta, they were mostly students of this university that, per capita, have received more awards for postgraduate studies than all other Kolkata universities. The Institute is named after Francis Xavier. In the foundation years, Fr. Henri Depelchin was promoting adult education, as a way to improve social and economic organization of disadvantaged groups in Kolkata and Eastern India. Today, St. Xavier's College continues to promote this work of community development in the local area.

In 2006, an extension of these efforts gave birth to became the first autonomous college. More than 10 million have graduated from this center in education programs. These graduates work in the field of economic development, healthcare, education, human rights and support the environment.

The union of students SXCAA of St Xavier's College is an organization aimed at the representation of the interests of the students. The main purpose is to ensure that students have a positive university experience, by means of activities and groups.