22 Camac Street

22 Camac Street kolkata

22 Camac Street is a high end shopping destination running in the central business district a major thoroughfare in Kolkata. Located in the heart of Kolkata, is home to the first permanent home of the high end shopping destinations. Is still the center of the shopping district of Kolkata, so much so that the term Camac Street indicates, for par excellence.

Camac Street gets its name from William Camac. The name of the street derives from the fact that it formed the northern boundary of the settlement. Around 1970 of simple fences picket demarcated the properties of the colony. Later, interest for the East India Company. The shopping District of Kolkata is one of the largest business districts in India. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, this area was one of the main centers for the construction of skyscrapers rivaled only by Mumbai.

The shopping District, even today, making up a single horizon to himself in the city of Kolkata separated, although not much higher than the heights of the city center which is located a few miles north. Today, much of the labor force Camac Street tends to be composed of professionals in the field of service employed by medium to large companies. Many of the businesses nearby are local companies and chain stores that meet the tastes of professionals and the needs of the workforce.

The culture of Camac Street has always been criticized as rigid. It is a stereotype that has lasted for decades and has its roots in the attitude to protect their own interests of the institution on Camac Street, connecting to the so-called establishment. Latest criticisms are targeted to the structural problems and lack of willingness to change established habits.

The establishment of Camac Street resists supervision and rules of the government. At the same time, Kolkata has a reputation as a very busy city, which makes entry into the neighborhood difficult for middle class entrepreneurs. There is, ironically, no need for the institutions of Camac Street to be located in the same way, except perhaps for the prestige.