Kalakand Bengal


Kalakand is a popular Indian sweet reputed for its exquisite taste, made out of solidified, sweetened milk and cottage cheese. It is a very popular sweetmeat in Bengal. As is the case in almost all Asian cuisines, even in India there is a strict separation of the flow unlike using a western, which includes appetizers, dishes, etc, everything is served on the board of India at the same time, including desserts. 

So it happens to be in front of some dish tastes spicy and next to a traditional Indian sweet, like meethai, a triumph of butter and yogurt. Yogurt is a key component of the cuisine of the subcontinent, and it is undisputed protagonist also with regard to drinks, enriched with sugar or salt, in one of those contradictions that abound in Indian recipes. 

Hence, spicy and sweet together, sugar and spices: nothing so far in the Western way of thinking about food, but in India the ingredients blend, blend, balance impossible, yet stable, nice, charming. It is a pity that Indian food does not ever consider the sweets in favor of the other most popular dishes, and perhaps the most intriguing for the European palate; and it is certain that in the West, when we think of the table in India, you think to spices.