Kolkata New Year

December 30, 2016 Kalyan Panja 4 Comments

Kolkata New Year

At the end of the year, the people of Kolkata celebrates and dance in great joy. The streets of this historic city attracts a large crowd, who spend the 31 December night in gala dinners, dances, jokes, operas, trendy clubs and mundane bars. Fantastic exhibitions and numerous events like concerts and operas are of great attraction as well as the smash hit musicals of the year offers a wide range of entertainment for the day and the New Year's Eve.



31st December Kolkata New Year Party 2017

December 30, 2016 Kalyan Panja 0 Comments

Kolkata New Year Party 31st December

The New Year in Kolkata is incomplete without its authentic food and music parties. As the New Year approaches, singers are hired by neighbourhoods for concerts and musical events involving Bollywood stars and celebrities. Large crowds gather to watch these shows, and maybe get a photo with some stars.



Kolkata Christmas

December 29, 2016 Kalyan Panja 1 Comments

Kolkata Christmas wallpaper

Christmas in Kolkata is a holiday, which is also called as bada din or long day and that is it. With the Christmas Mass, the feast is celebrated and the banquet is no less delicious than other countries. Particularly typical are the cakes and desserts, which are served in clay pots for this holiday.