Puchka Panipuri

January 13, 2013 Kalyan Panja 0 Comments

Puchka or Panipuri is a spicy tangy thirst quenching street food that there is so much one can talk about this famous dish which is popular all over made ​​with flour of cereals and water, as all the other loaves, but without having undergone the process of fermentation and without added yeast.

The unleavened bread was for a long time the only one known to mankind. It was prepared with flour integral, and putting the dough was baked on hot stones or hot ashes. Following the preparation of bread evolved to produce the many varieties of bread known. The evolution began: with the invention of the furnace , the discovery of the yeast, the extraction of flour and possibly the addition of other substances such as oil, butter, spices, etc.

However, many continue to prepare the unleavened bread both for reasons of practicality, being the easiest to prepare unleavened bread, which for religious reasons and dietary supplements. The unleavened bread is therefore used as a traditional bread in many places, is also used in cases where it is necessary a type of bread that is to be stored for long periods of time.

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