Jamai Sasthi

Jamai Sasthi images

Jamai Shasthi is a traditional custom observed by women of Bengal. Literally, it means the Son-in-law’s day. A special puja is performed by elderly women, especially the mother-in-law to protect her married children against all odds. The day is actually a celebration thrown by the in-laws for the welfare of their daughter and her husband.

On the occasion, the in-laws invite their daughter and son-in-law for the celebration of the occasion. The primary role is played by mother-in-law, who performs the rites and serve the son-in-law. The occasion is meant to bring the couple, especially the son-in-law closer to the family. As such it is a family festival and aimed to further secure the family ties.

The celebration starts with the greeting of the son-in-law with gifts, sweets, and fruits. This is followed by performing rites, wherein the mother-in-law sanctifies the occasion by touching his forehead with a plate containing six fruits. It is followed by tying a threaded band, applied with turmeric on the wrist.

Once the rituals are performed, the son-in-law is then served with food and delicacies. It is a grand feast with the menu for the occasion containing the best recipes and dishes prepared by the in-laws. The rest of the occasion is spent as a live interaction among all the members.