Jamai Sasthi

Kolkata Spring

Surely in the Spring myth was chosen to reflect moral truths, adopting an ancient theme, so universal, in a completely modern language. Spring, symbol of nature not so much intended as a season of the year as the universal force cyclical and regenerative power. The days start to get warm, the sun is again peeps , and the air is filled with the scent of nature that regenerates itself.

The recovery of nature, after the rigors of winter, there is in fact indicated by the explosion of blooms and colors that we around this season. In March blooming magnolias, azaleas, peach trees and many other plants. The spring season has always influenced the world of music. The season's most anticipated perhaps, that warms us after the long gray winter and propels us toward the hot summer and the long-awaited vacation. One in which life flourishes and wakes up a little everything from hibernation, even our desire to go out and stand around in the open air.

Although the rains are busy, especially at the beginning of the season. So do not be fooled by the warm and always keep an umbrella handy. In fact, the warmer temperatures and increased moisture in the atmosphere favoring the generation of precipitation, even extreme and sudden, and that in other parts of the world also mean the beginning of the thunderstorm season.

It is not a feeling, not a desire for lightness that accompanies the arrival of summer, it is not an excuse to mask not want to work. It's called fatigue the sense of widespread fatigue. If its the season change depends on the fact that the body needs time to adapt to new climatic conditions, which change abruptly from winter to spring as is the case between the summer and autumn. The body consumes more energy to the awakening hormone and then you feel more tired. The good news is that it is a feeling that must be indulged!