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Kolkata Xmas

Kolkata Christmas

For Christmas, Kolkata truly turns city of joy with Christmas carols, choirs, light and sound exhibitions, rock music, shimmering lights, delectable food all forming the myriad nuances of the Christmas celebrations. 

The first evidence of a celebration come from Alexandria, about AD 200, when Clement of Alexandria said that certain theologians Egyptians, very curious, defined not only the year, but also the day of the birth of Jesus 25 Pachon, corresponding to May 20 of the twenty-eighth year of Augustus, but they did not because they thought that Christ was born on that day, but only because that was the ninth month of their calendar. Others chose the dates of 24 or 25 Pharmuthi 19 or April 20.

A text of 243, De pascha computus, attributed to Cyprian but probably apocryphal, states that the birth of Christ was on March 28 because it was on that day that the sun was created. Clemente also states that the Basilidian celebrating Epiphany and it probably also the birth of Jesus, 15 11 Tybi 10 or January 6.

In a few moments the dual commemoration of Epiphany and Nativity must have become common, and because the appearance of the shepherds was considered one of the manifestations of the glory of Christ, is perhaps due to a discrepancy in the Gospel of Luke 3,22 present in various codes, including the code Bezae.

Abraham Ecchellensis 1600 -one thousand six hundred and sixty-four refers to the presence of dies Nativitatis et Epiphaniae by a constitution of the church of Alexandria at the time of the Council of Nicaea. Epiphanius refers to a ceremony traits Gnostics in Alexandria in which, on the night between the 5th and 6th of January, a solar disk quartered now known as the Celtic Cross said Kore was carried in procession round a crypt, to the chant Today at this hour Kore gave birth to the Lord. 

John Cassian (360 - 435) writes between 418 and 427 that the Egyptian monasteries still observe the ancient customs. 

29 Choiak (August 11) and January 1 433 Paul of Emesa preached at Cyril of Alexandria, and his sermons show that the celebration of Christmas in December was already firmly established, and calendars prove its permanence; for which the party had spread in Egypt between 427 and 433 .


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