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Bengali Sweet

bengali sweet

A bengalis love for sweets in apparent by the multitude of sweet shops that dot almost all localities in Kolkata. In 2010 UNESCO declared the Bengali language sweetest in the world. For experts of the United Nations in fact, the most widely spoken in India has characteristics that make it particularly soothing to the ear of the listener. From here dare even to define the Bengali language most feminine of the globe, as sweetness called femininity and vice versa.

Using the same criteria German or remote Icelandic, with plenty of guttural consonants, you might say decidedly male. The question whether it is possible to assign a genre to languages ​​is interesting as well as curious. The language is not something tangible and the only way to adjudicate the sexuality is the sound, the way they perceive our hearing.

On the net you will find interesting ideas on this subject. These are mainly rankings by forum-goers of linguistic and ordinary users enthusiasts surveys. In general, the languages ​​of northern Europe, the German in the head, are considered to be the hardest and most assertive and therefore masculine while those of Eastern Europe a middle way between the northern and romances. The latter tend toward femininity all more or less explicit. 

The French, for example, is considered to be sweet and gentle but with a tempering of iron while the Portuguese, whose sound is pure saudade, female is without a shadow of a doubt. Chinese and Japanese sound flat to a Western ear, almost asexual, while the English, despite its minimal pushups, has spikes of slang too manly. Ranked a special place among the languages ​​females it is definitely Italian, for more than one reason, and that reason depart eufonia, the beautiful sound, but beyond. It will happen more than once to hear a stranger who refers to our language as a language beautiful and sweet, of which attributed it hard to notice for our custom sound. 

The alternation of voiced and unvoiced, long and short, flat, truncated and proparoxytone produce a sound effect of great pleasure. It is also not affected by harsh consonants and unpleasant and so it is very pleasing to the ear. Our language is based on a very simple vowel system, based on a few marked differences in timbre are combined opposition voiced and unvoiced, long and short, which provide outstanding clarity in your line. Its a language from the balanced rhythm in which the single word stands on its own syntactic architecture. 

But there's more. A survey on gender: male or female. In this analysis, remarkable for accuracy and sensitivity, demonstrates how a natural tendency to femininity in the first place because, while it is true that the consonant is the basis of the syllable, it is the voice that gives you the opening to itself giving it a typically feminine trait. In addition, there are no vowels in dark, mute or semi mute as in French or English, but even more so in our language, the distinction of gender, male and female, is discovered and accompanying name, article and adjective to agree first. 

Linguists argue that the assignment of a kind of a name is arbitrary, with plenty of evidence, however, shows how many entries of the language in the names of the female gender refer to an amplitude of meaning that goes beyond the confines of the concrete in favor of a metaphorical sense while those of the male gender tend to greater effectiveness . The word table in the masculine has the meaning of an object on which to write, work or eat while the female table refers more broadly to designate tables that classificatory systems or series. 

Also the feminine plural of some nouns to give more emphasis. We think in this case, words such as prisons, shouting, the brains. This tendency of the language would be linked to an intimate relationship with beauty. The language, has grown in the fertile symbiosis with poetry and literature and has done so at the highest levels. Just think that, at the dawn, the vulgar passed from the harshness with gentleness terminology Hell of Heaven. 

In addition the dialect that has an incredible variety of colors the idiom significant nuances in addition to extraordinary expressionistic shots due to the nature of the native speakers. It is not a coincidence that invented the musical notation based on the alphabet and that is always our language for centuries.