Jamai Sasthi

Sindoor Khela Durga Puja

Sindoor Khela. Durga Puja sequence dedicate this to all the creative women, strong and sensitive that they can always embody the most of the energy of the Goddess. Durgā , from the Sanskrit the inaccessible is depicted as a Goddess who rides a lion or a tiger. According to the Markandeya purana Durga was created as a warrior goddess to fight the demon Mahishasura and due to intense prayers to Brahma, Mahishasura had the grace not to be defeated by any man or demigod. In virtue of this power, attacked the Devas, the Gods, who defeated always including the Trimurti Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu.

He unleashed a reign of terror on earth, in heaven and in hell. Finally, since only a woman could kill him, the gods and the triad created a dazzling beam of energy from which Durga was born in other versions is sent into battle Parvati and Durga was born from his anger.

The Goddess was a blinding beauty, with a face sculpted by Shiva, torso by Indra, breasts by Chandra the moon, teeth by Brahma and his eyes by Agni, the god of fire. Each god also gave her his most powerful weapon Shiva's trident, Vishnu the disc, Indra's thunderbolt, etc.