Nandan Kolkata


Nandan, the West Bengal Film Centre, a center devoted entirely to the cinema and one of the main symbols of the city's culture and Bengalis, was baptized, inaugurated in 1985 and chaired by the director most celebrated in the history of Indian cinema, Satyajit Ray and now, therefore, will be under the direction of his son, Sandip Ray, himself a director.

But Nandan is not the only place dedicated to film the legendary author of the Apu Trilogy, who died in 1992, wanted to establish in Kolkata. A year after Nandan, Ray inaugurated under the name of Rupayan the new look given to the previous West Bengal Film Development Corporation, for his will in 1986 become a laboratory of post-production. An institution that now lies largely neglected now and looking for a new vocation as, with the advent of digital technologies and due to the lack of updates received in time, saw inexorably set its function.


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