Mallickghat Flower Market

The flower market in Mullickghat, under the old Howrah Bridge, is one of the most famous. It is a special place, whose frenetic activity is continuous, day and night, between an unimaginable crowd, tons of garlands of flowers.

The 125 years old Malick Ghat Flower Market is eastern India's largest flower market some say even Asia's biggest with hundreds of stalls and approximately 2,000 flower growers from the surrounding areas coming daily to sell and during wedding seasons and festivals, probably double that number.

It is seldom that you can see much contrast between the colors yellow orange and pink flowers. This market is in the banks of the Hooghly river, near the Howrah Bridge and also near the train station. Become insufficient dimensionally the old flower market, the municipality of Kolkata and the Ministry of Horticulture are organizing a national competition for a new marketing center of the flowers of Bengal central to seal the innovative character you want to give this second intervention, the notice requires a modular and flexible, willing to change and future developments.

The new market is located in a peripheral area of ​​the river, quite and strategic position with respect to both economic catchment basin the extensive network of nursery and compared to the road system rail and highway. The area on which the building insists a plot of about 9 acres adjacent to the railway station is inserted in a flat landscape, characterized by the mixture of rural activities and nurseries and residence, and bounded by the strong emphasis of the city behind.

In this landscape, the vast bulk of the building market stands strong and immediately recognizable as a sign of modernity and technology, where the towering flagpoles and metal rods talk to contrast with the surrounding reality.