Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbour kolkata

Fifty miles south of downtown is the port of Calcutta, built in the colonial era where the river Hoogly flows into the Bay of Bengal. The road that leads to the Sanctuary of the Nature island of Lothian, go to Diamond Harbour. The modern port facilities are actually a little further south, on the opposite bank, dominated by massive oil refineries.

The ride to the launching of ships became larger and with higher load capacity made ​​it necessary adjustment operations of existing facilities, including the particular importance dredging. The dredging is a surgery for the removal of sludge, sand and other materials deposited at the bottom of a river or a sea zone and is via boats that using compressors aspire materials from the seabed, filtering and water and return it off.

Whereas, in the mercantile traffic, 75% of the ships container in construction is rated to carry 25,000 tons of cargo, there must be at least 14 meters deep seabed in order to allow them to dock in ports. The dredging is therefore of strategic importance for the field of logistics and forwarding , not to be excluded from the biggest share of the market : that of the super-container.

This intervention can have a significant environmental impact to water quality, with repercussions on the tourism , the fishing , flora and fauna of fish in general. If on the seabed dredged flows into a large amount of toxic waste discharges or river is not up to standard, the dredging of these materials may be spread, and move them elsewhere, and can hinder the proper functioning of filtering mechanisms.