Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kolkata Cabs

Generally, the ubiquitous quintessential yellow ambassador models manufactured by Hindustan Motors are used for taxis that greets almost every visitor in Kolkata, but these days Maruti vans, Indicas and Maruti Zens are also running on the streets of Kolkata as taxis and cabs.

The Kolkata taxi are famous worldwide for being advertised by film and television. Their activity is strictly controlled both as regards the mechanical integrity of the vehicle and the physical and mental condition of the driver. An official report observed: Little is known of strict regulation of the industry outside of the insiders. The Public Carriage Office which regulated the taxi business and issued licenses, was transferred from the Police to Transport.

Only vehicles displaying the proper license can pick up passengers on the streets. The Kolkata 's Yellow cabs are particularly famous for their particular accuracy and mechanics for the specialization must demonstrate that their drivers for the operating license. Contrary to what happens in other cities, in Kolkata , the number of taxis is not limited and their availability is quite easy, except that during peak hours, the exit from the theaters and when it rains, fairly common occurrence. Medical studies have shown that the taxi drivers in Kolkata  have a hippocampus particularly developed, a brain region where, among other things, are stored location information of the places.

In Kolkata the term minicab is used to refer to a private taxi. It is a vehicle with driver can be rented in advance and not accessible from the parking lots of taxis and not allowed to pick up passengers taken on the road. They began work in the mid nineties in competition with taxis. A minicab must be booked, for example by telephone, internet or in person at the office of the operator. It can be booked for a specific time but only at a company authorized and not directly with the driver.

The taxi driver should be able to decide which path to choose according to the place of destination or traffic conditions, but it must not stop to consult a map, use the navigation system or radio to see their central. A taxi driver has to learn that in addition to all the places of interest including streets, squares, clubs, hospitals, hotels, theaters, cinemas, government buildings and historical monuments, railway stations, embassies etc.

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