Sudder Street

Sudder Street is a street where you can find room in Historic Inns that are cheaper to find accommodation to your liking. Around Sudder Street are also most of the traditional restaurants, where to eat a good thali Western style. The restaurants also has wi- fi signal. Around Sudder Street no shortage ATMs, supermarkets, internet cafes and craft shops. A few minutes walk is the Indian Museum, and walking some more, the Maidan park, place of recreation for people of Kolkata.

When one takes several days in Sudder Street, it comes to feel at home. The rickshaw-puller will ask you how you are, the waiters already know what you want for dinner and fellows you met a few days ago seems they were friends of a lifetime. And so is Kolkata intense and excessive city, where in a few days really strong bonds that only hurt when the time comes and after you leave there feeling a little piece of your life are created.

Sudder Street, a street of travelers where they concentrate most of the hostels and cheap restaurant of the city, all aimed at this audience. There you can eat everything from classical to Western dishes like tandoori chicken salads, chicken burgers, sandwiches, yogurt with oats and fruit for breakfast, hard to find in other traditional restaurants.

The prices are a bit higher than usual, where the thali costs around Rs. 200. Put a chicken tandoori that costs two or three hundred, it seems expensive. For a traveler precarious and with the money just, it is. What makes this special is not the restaurants or the kitchen, but the people who are there. At one o'clock, after a hard morning's work, the place is filled with volunteers tired, hungry and willing to share the experiences in that city so special that is Kolkata.