Kolkata Fish Market

A fish market or fish market is a market in which they trade fish and other marine products. Can be wholesale or retail. Since the products of the sea rapidly deteriorate in the past the fish markets were located exclusively in the coastal cities. The advent of the simple techniques of refrigeration, such as the availability of ice, made ​​possible the emergence of markets for fish even in those inland cities which enjoyed good connections with the coast.

In modern times XIX - XX century the ability to freeze foods and deliver them quickly extended the phenomenon, allowing the creation of markets for fish almost anywhere. However, at the same time, changes in logistics trade hijacked almost all retailing to department stores and supermarkets consequently, the fish markets today are mainly wholesale, at least in the Western world.

The fish market is a store specializing in the sale of fish and dairy products. For example, fresh fish and frozen, molluscs, crustaceans, fish sliced ​​as swordfish, etc. The seller is usually called fishmonger.

Sometimes the fish is inside the markets, sometimes in specialized markets only fish they gave the name to the entire town. The Kolay Fish Market is the oldest market of the fish in the city of Kolkata and is inserted into the tourist trail for the content of folklore that is breathed in through the fish stalls.

Just trying this experience, we can realize how picturesque this may be the market that can be compared only in the twin market the market is always crowded and the incessant chatter of sellers creates a background from suk ​​and breathes the atmosphere of a casbah.