Park Street

Park Street is a major intersection in the district of Kolkata in Chowringhee, at the intersection of J L Nehru Road and stretching from Park Circus. Park Street, form the westernmost part of the commercial area of Midtown Kolkata. Hand in hand with the growth of the city, Park Street was developed as the cultural heart full of theaters, music halls and hotels for the high society.

Despite being smaller than the Red Square in Moscow, the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, the Champs-Élysées in Paris, Trafalgar Square in London, or Tiananmen Square in Beijing, Park Street has reached the status of iconic landscapes and has become a symbol of his city. Park Street is best known for the large and numerous pubs and night clubs.

The situation changed with the arrival of the Great Depression of the thirties so that later was considered a dangerous neighborhood. The decline of Park Street, and especially its business to adults became a symbol of the decline of Kolkata and corruption from the sixties until the early nineties.

In the eighties began a boom in commercial construction in the area as part of a long-term development plan led an intense effort to clean up the area, increasing security, remove pubs, drug dealers and the washer and open more attractions dedicated to tourists and construction high market.

The theaters were renovated, intended for commercial purposes or demolished. Hundreds of thousands of people gather to kicking off the new year. On average, about 150,000 people filled Park Street to celebrate New Year's Eve. It is estimated that for the recurrence of the new millennium, the, 31 December 1999, the crowd was made ​​up of about two million people gathered in Park Street.

The night clubs, the large number of animated neon and illuminated signs have made ​​Park Street one of the icons of Kolkata and a symbol of the appearance of intensely urban city. The neighborhood of Park Street, especially its busiest intersection, has appeared countless times in literature, on television and in the movies.