Kolkata Rally

Rally is the exposure of the opinion shared by a group of people. The demonstrations are a form of activism that usually takes place by means of people who gather together. In this way, the view that you want to express takes its meaning thanks to the multitude of people who agree with it and gather to show it visually.

The events are usually used to show a viewpoint either positive or negative regarding a public issue, especially with regard to complaints or social inequalities . An event is usually considered to be most successful if you participate in a greater number of people. Topics to manifest often refer to the policy, the economy and problems social.

Sometimes the dates chosen for the events have a historical or cultural significance, such as the anniversary of some event that is related to the topic of the event. Some events may intrude, at least partially, in riots or violence against a group of private goods such as cars and shops , or against the police.

The police or military authorities undertook to stem these episodes so-called operations-called public order are equipped with a specific equipment consists of helmet, shield in polycarbonate or other lightweight materials, other protections such as reinforced gloves, shin guards, etc. and the sap or other similar weapons. During these operations often use is made ​​of tear-gas grenades, of fire hydrants or other non-lethal weapons such as rubber bullets and pepper spray. In cases of severe riots and violent clashes with the police themselves will come to also use firearms.

Although the sites are often chosen according to the problem that you want to expose in the event. For example, if an event has as its objective the problems related to a nation's foreign, will take place in a place connected with that nation, such as the embassy of the country in question. In these cases, you have chosen the capital to symbolize the thought of the entire country.