Lalbazar Police Headquarters

The headquarters of the Kolkata Police is located at Lalbazar Street. Its primary mission is to ensure the maintenance of order and public safety within the province. To achieve this purpose is carried out a constant activity for the prevention and suppression of crime. It shall also review various administrative functions, in particular with respect to the issuance of the passport and practices regarding immigrants.

The structure of the Police Headquarters defined by the Decree peak efficiency and performance of the service for the protection and defense of the citizen and has two divisions the Police Anti-Crime and the Police Administration and Social.

In every province over the top of the administration of public security is the superintendent who is responsible for the direction, the responsibility and the technical and operational coordination of the services of public order and security as well as the use of police forces at its disposal. The Police also performs all the typical activities of the Security Police and the Administration Police, which result in acts such as orders, notices, permits, licenses, authorizations.

On the territory, in the small towns and neighborhoods of large cities, the Commissioner of Public Security are real Appendices to the police station, conceived as regional offices of the police to carry out the activities of prevention, investigation and combating crime, adapting to the conditions of safety in specific areas of the territory, and especially to determine a control increasingly planned, balanced and organized.