Kolkata Derby

The term derby is used, in the field of sports, to mark some events that are of particular importance. The origin of the term derby is to be traced in the horse race, the English called The Derby, designed by Edward Stanley, twelfth Earl of Derby, 4 May 1780 at racecourse in Epsom. In general in the sport, we use the term derby to define challenges between teams from the same city derby or in the same geographical area. The term is also used for races opposing teams, for geographical, social or political have a historic rivalry between them very turned on.

The Derby day is absolutely one of the most important moments in the show and selecting in each state in which it horse racing. Singular history of the birth of Derby : the twelfth Earl of Derby, Lord Edward Stanley, in 1780 he won the coin toss against Sir Charles Bunbury a chance to give his name to the race of 2,400 meters, which had just created along with some friends and that was to be held at Epsom in Surrey.