Howrah Station

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Howrah Station is the second oldest station and the largest railway complex in India. In 1854 the British colonial government in India started building a rail link from Kolkata to the coalfields in Bardhaman district. This was the second railway line constructed in India



Kolkata Valentine Day

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San Valentino, also known as Saint Valentine in Terni or Valentine from Interamna, was a Roman, martyr bishop. Venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church, by the Orthodox and later by the Anglican Church, is considered the patron saint of lovers and protector of epileptics.



Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day Kolkata

Get cosy in a fine rainy day in a public park in Kolkata, at the Victoria Memorial or at the Nandan complex, which are an exceptional lover's zone very popular among youngsters, couples for dating, as also cinema halls put up closed box sitting arrangements to woo couples.



Kolkata Disco Nightclub

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park street nightclub pub disco

Kolkata nightclub is characterized by a atmosphere and soft music generally live. Usually you can consume alcoholic beverages, and you can dance. The difference with the bar and the pub is the presence of live music or a disc jockey and a dance floor. Some nightclubs also have other types of attractions, including dancers pole dance, lap dance, cubist or strippers. In these cases, the difference with the strip club is very labile. In fact, usually, only the adults can enter.



South City Mall

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South City mall kolkata jadavpur

South City Mall shopping center is a homogeneous building complex specially designed and built to accommodate a number of businesses stores of large retail chains, stores specialized retail, wholesale or temporary, retail chains in franchising, cinemas, restaurants, banks and other services to person as hairdressers gyms and more.



Joynagarer Moa

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Joynagarer moa is one of popular sweets in Bengal. This Bengali sweet available during winter season is a famous but rustic sweet and a must taste during winters which is sweet, round and quintessentially Bengali made from khoi, kheer and nolen gur, and is only a winter treat.