Howrah Bridge

July 31, 2015 Kalyan Panja 4 Comments

Impressive, majestic giants. From here run hundreds of thousands of people a day. Lives intersecting destinies that run, sliding doors that are avoided. A whole of humanity runs through them every day, and often go unnoticed. But not in this case. Not when it comes to the world's busiest bridges. Howrah Bridge popularly known as Rabindra Setu spanning over river Hooghly is enumerated amongst the busiest cantilever bridges in the World.




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The guava often referred to as the Spanish Guayaba is a small tree widely cultivated for the commercial value of its fruits. The place of origin of the guava is not certain, but is believed to be the area between Mexico and the southern Central America. It was then spread by humans, birds and other animals in all areas of warm-temperate America and in tropical West Indies from the XVI century. The guava was already known to the Aztecs, who called Xoxocotlan plum sand in later times the first historical date to the first decades of the sixteenth century to the work of Hernandez de Oviedo.



Singara Bengali Style

July 02, 2015 Kalyan Panja 0 Comments

Singara or samosa is a popular fried triangular snack consisting of a savory filling, which mainly includes spiced potatoes but is also available sometimes in other variants like onions, peas, coriander, and lentils, or ground lamb or chicken. The samosa is a popular appetizer and snack Indian widespread across the Asia center south, the Arabian Peninsula, arriving over the Mediterranean to the Horn of Africa, North Africa and Greece.