Jamai Sasthi

Kolkata Chinatown

There is a Chinatown in Tangra, Kolkata, where you can taste the dishes of Hakka cuisine adapted to the Bengali taste. Its the most authentic Chinese cuisine and true to tradition, but it is very tasty. Located between Park Circus and the fine area of Salt lake City, the district of Tangra is often referred to as the new Chinatown of Kolkata. Abound, in fact, shops and restaurants run by Chinese, made ​​quite unusual for an Indian city.

Chinatown, over time, has managed to take up space in Tangra, the old neighborhood of immigrants, with whom Chinatown is bordered to the north. According to some estimates the district would be inhabited by about 100,000 people, but according to the census is difficult to give an exact estimate because of the high number of illegal and because many have difficulty with the English language.

The Chinese enclave of Kolkata has formed since 1950 and currently the district has become primarily a commercial area. In Chinatown, there are restaurants and shops. In the restaurants you can taste the cuisine of any region of China, including the Dim Sum Cantonese. Between late January and early February, fireworks and the circling dragons greet the Chinese New Year.

Nowadays many Chinatown, with signs in Chinese language, the restaurants Chinese and Chinese traditional costumes, and therefore differ from the rest of the city, are regarded as poles of attraction commercial and tourist centers in which they are located. Some are very old Chinatown, such as Yaowarat Road in Bangkok and that of Nagasaki in Japan , founded at the beginning of the nineteenth century by Chinese traders. The Chinatown of Melbourne is the largest unbroken outside of Asia, founded in 1854 the San Francisco's Chinatown is the oldest, founded for the first time at the time of the Gold Rush , but was later destroyed by an earthquake and rebuilt.

More Chinatown are very recent, like that of Las Vegas was founded only in the nineties. In Europe there are a lot of Chinatown developed in London, Milan, Prato, Paris, Bucharest and Manchester. There are Chinatowns in other cities of Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.