Diamond Harbour

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Diamond Harbour kolkata

Fifty miles south of downtown is the port of Calcutta, built in the colonial era where the river Hoogly flows into the Bay of Bengal. The road that leads to the Sanctuary of the Nature island of Lothian, go to Diamond Harbour. The modern port facilities are actually a little further south, on the opposite bank, dominated by massive oil refineries.



Reserve Bank of India

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Reserve Bank of India, the Central Bank of India was established on 1 April 1935 in Calcutta, during British rule, with the Reserve Bank of India Act of 1934 and nationalized in 1949. The general management of the Bank is exercised by the Central board of directors, composed of 20 members, the governor and four deputy governors, a government official of the Ministry of Finance, 10 directors appointed by the executive directors and 4 others, which represent the four local authorities based in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and New Delhi.



Botanical Garden

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Eight kilometers from Calcutta, remains the magic of Indian botanical gardens, sprawled over an area of 273 acres situated on the west bank of the Hooghly River in the city of Howrah created by the British in 1700 to test the cultivation of tea plants in order to supplant the Chinese monopoly. The botanical garden is the largest and oldest in Southeast Asia and was established by Robert KYD, lieutenant colonel in 1787. It is therefore as much a part of the story, since it is a part of nature.



Alipore Zoological Gardens

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At Belvedere Road. Also known as the Alipore Zoo, is one of the major attractions of Calcutta. There was the only specimen of the giant tortoise Aldabra species now extinct. It is said that this specimen had completed its 250th birthday before expiring. There you can also see examples of deer of Manipur highly branched horns.



World Environment Day

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The World Environment Day is a public holiday proclaimed in  1972 by General Assembly of the United Nations and is celebrated every year on  June 5. Each edition has a theme as a common thread that binds all the global initiatives that take place in honor of the Environment. Last year the day was titled Think, Eat, Save.



Guru Nanak Jayanti

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The Sikh community, settled in around the world, celebrate the birthday of his first guru in Sanskrit means disciple or learner in Punjabi language and means revealing, prophet. Guru Nanak was born in 1469, in Talwandi now Nankana Sahib, near Lahore since 1947, the year the division English, belongs to the Pakistani Punjab.



Howrah Station

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Situated on the west bank of the Hooghly River and linked to Kolkata by the Howrah Bridge, Howrah Railway Station is one of the largest railway terminals in the world and also the busiest and second oldest station and having one of the largest railway complexes in India. Initial plans for the first Howrah station were submitted by George Turnbull the Chief Engineer of the East Indian Railway Company on 17 June 1851 and completed by 1854.



Kolkata Football League

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Ever since its inception, The Salt Lake Stadium has primarily been hosting football matches. Some of India's renowned football clubs like Mohun Bagan, East Bengal and Mohammedan Sporting are all based in Kolkata. Important football matches both at the local and national level are regularly hosted at this awesome stadium.




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Kolkata is special for the sweets especially the ones made from cottage cheese channa and is considered as the one of  the delicious form of sweets and remains unparalleled. It is an ancient custom among Bengalis to distribute sweets during festivities. Rasgulla is a very popular dessert, made ​​from a soft cheese Indian chhena. It consists of small balls of cheese and semolina flour that are boiled in a sweet syrup, and then served.



World No Tobacco Day

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The World No Tobacco Day is an anniversary, celebrated annually on May 31, the purpose of which is to encourage people to abstain for at least 24 hours after the consumption of tobacco, inviting them to quit smoking permanently. It also serves to make the situation on the prevalence of tobacco use in the world and to bring the public about the negative effects that it brings on human health, reaching in extreme cases, death due to cancer, damage to the heart and movement, etc. In 2011, the World Health Organization has estimated that about six million people lose their lives each year due to smoking.



Calcutta Tramways Company

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The Kolkata tram is the oldest operating electric tram in Asia and the only city in India to have a tram network, which was the sole public transport until 1920. Started on 24th February 1873, Trams are light weight rail borne vehicles, running on tracks, primarily on the road. Trams were the brainchild of the then Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon.



Harvest Time

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A paddy field on the outskirts of Bengal. Its the harvesting season now when the markets of Kolkata will be stocked with new rice grains, which is an essential food item here. In agriculture for harvest is the process of cutting and harvesting in the fields of ripe grain. Can be done by hand or with the aid of mechanical equipment. In the harvest hand tool used is the sickle .



City Center Salt Lake

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Built in by celebrated Architect, designer Charles Correa City Centre, Salt Lake is the mall that worked itself into peoples hearts. It is an Indian lifestyle landmark, that became happening all at once. The shopping center or multi directional differs from traditional mall for its services and activities it performs. A shopping center is a structure that encloses a supermarket or hypermarket, surrounded by a number of shops shopping mall and catering.



Kolkata Port

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In the 19th century Kolkata Port was the premier port which took over the responsibility in the wake of the aftermath of Second World War. It is situated on the left bank of the Hooghly River about 203 km (126 miles) upstream from the sea. The city of Kolkata, has a synergistic linkage with the port. Regular passenger ship services are also available to Port Blair for visiting the Andaman & Nicobar Islands which takes around 66 hours.



Kolkata Puppetry

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Puppetry is that particular theatrical art that uses puppets, marionettes, shadows, objects such as stars of the theater and signs of a highly visual language and sensory. The term puppetry has emerged in the late 70s, as a generic term and summary, replacing puppet theater, often confused semantically with the theatrical animation and social development.



Calcutta Metro Rail

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After the expansion it will also be the first metro line in India to run under a river, which would cross the Hooghly river 32 metres below the water level. The term underground short now entered common usage of metro rail is a system of transportation fast mass type rail services for urban, thus characterized by a high frequency, and normally organized on the basis of fixed routes.