Friday, May 17, 2013

Kolkata Street Food

Kolkata Street Food a film shot by Chef Angus Denoon of Scottish origin with the passion of Indian street food. To shoot this documentary film, our chef director takes five years. A long layover in Calcutta, the city where he remains haunted by the culture of food, by the way used for cooking, from the colors of the dishes and the many smells that emanate from the pots along the crowded streets of the country.

The camera plunges and says with delicate zoom and lens panoramic foods that cook in pots, bringing out, in addition to food, the gestures of the street cooks and diners. A path that leads the viewer through the knowledge of a part of the boundless Indian cuisine, perhaps the most "street" , certainly the most eventful and colors of part of the East always mysterious and fascinating.
did not pay the sun filming, our chef Angus invents the promotion and PR becomes himself. Organize evenings in which to add to the expressive power of the documentary odors and scents of freshly cooked food in an old and very quaint equipped van.

The promotion points are varied, from small cinemas in the suburbs English, to Hampstead Health Hill North London. Tastings and movies on the road, in a word, Kolkata Street Food.

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