Jamai Sasthi

Kolkata Trams Makeover

Calcutta, now Kolkata, has a descent by extension tram network, unfortunately highly threatened. Trams passing on the network and dilapidated old railroad town, rather than facilitate trafficking, hindering even more so because of their age remain still for hours, compounding the chaos existing in this way. Calcutta is the last city in India where you can see the rickshaws pulled by men. These means, as well as trams, may soon be abolished because the city government believes that slow traffic.

The traffic, congestion and pollution of the former Calcutta are memorable and the tram network, unique in India, does not alleviate the situation. It is set in a city full of contrasts, where the trams circulating through the narrow streets and crowded with people and pulled rickshaw by hand, it was amalgamated with the local population, respecting their time and their way of life, because India is a mystical place, and wonderful to discover. It must be experienced to understand.