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Mach Bhat: Fish Curry Rice

Macher Jhol Bhat in Bengali cooking is a food made ​​of rice with other ingredients such as fish, vegetables or eggs. The filling may be raw, cooked or marinated, and may be served resting on rice, rolled in a strip of seaweed, arranged in rice rolls or placed in a small pocket of tofu. In Bengali the word Jhol means curry and refers to a wide range of food prepared with rice made ​​of only fresh fish.

The variety of the dish comes from the choice of fillings and toppings, in the choice of other toppings and in the manner in which they are combined. The same ingredients may be assembled in completely different ways to get different effects. This section lists the different ways to build your rice, regardless of the type of fillings and toppings.

The fish rice  is prepared with white rice, sweet short grain, is washed and cooked following a particular technique. Is cooled to room temperature before being used.

The rice used is the quality which has a different consistency from those normally eat outside of Calcutta. The essential requirement is the cohesion of the grains. If it is too sticky taste is overly sweet, but if it is not enough it has a dry taste. The rice crop of fresh typically contains too much water, and requires extra time to be dried after being washed.

There are regional variations in rice curry and of course, individual chefs have their own methods. Most of the variants are in dressing.

The sushi rice should typically be eaten shortly after being prepared.