Jamai Sasthi

Bengal Brigade

Bengal Brigade is a film of 1954 directed by Laslo Benedek. It is an American adventure film set in the eastern part of the British India in 1856, at the outbreak of the Indian Mutiny. Sees as interpreters Rock Hudson, Arlene Dahl and Ursula Thiess. It is based on the novel of the 1952 Bengal Tigers of Hunter Hall.

A British officer, Captain Jeffrey Claybourne, is dismissed from the command of his regiment and charged with disobeying orders, but it is in India to seek redemption. You'll find him at the start of the Indian uprisings of 1857. The film, directed by Laslo Benedek on a screenplay by Richard Alan Simmons and Seton I.

Miller with the subject of Hunter Hall author of the novel, was produced by Ted Richmond for Universal International Pictures and shot in the Universal Studios in Universal City and in Iverson Ranch in California. The titles were working Rifles Bengal and Bengal Tiger. were initially chosen as a director and as the main protagonist Rudolph Maté and Tyrone Power, respectively. Power resigned because of too many work commitments.

According to the Morandini this India is a sellout late nineteenth century. According to Leonard Maltin is a costume film of poor quality in which one can not understand the reason for which he has been cast in Hudson.