Kolkata Derby

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The term derby is used, in the field of sports, to mark some events that are of particular importance. The origin of the term derby is to be traced in the horse race, the English called The Derby, designed by Edward Stanley, twelfth Earl of Derby, 4 May 1780 at racecourse in Epsom. In general in the sport, we use the term derby to define challenges between teams from the same city derby or in the same geographical area. The term is also used for races opposing teams, for geographical, social or political have a historic rivalry between them very turned on.



Kolkata Hand Pulled Rickshaws

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A direct descendant of the hand pulled rickshaw, a trishaw is a bicycle pulling a carriage attached to his side. Once very common, is a part of the heritage. The rickshaw is a human powered means of transport in which a person pulls a cart with two wheels, staying for one or two people. The word rickshaw originates in Asia, where they have been widely used as a means of transport for the elite. Currently, however, rickshaws were banned in many countries in Asia due to numerous accidents.



Kolkata Rally

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Rally is the exposure of the opinion shared by a group of people. The demonstrations are a form of activism that usually takes place by means of people who gather together. In this way, the view that you want to express takes its meaning thanks to the multitude of people who agree with it and gather to show it visually.



Park Street

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Park Street is a major intersection in the district of Kolkata in Chowringhee, at the intersection of J L Nehru Road and stretching from Park Circus. Park Street, form the westernmost part of the commercial area of Midtown Kolkata. Hand in hand with the growth of the city, Park Street was developed as the cultural heart full of theaters, music halls and hotels for the high society.



Biman Bangladesh

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Biman Bangladesh Airlines connects Kolkata with Dhaka. The Biman Bangladesh Airlines is the national airline of Bangladesh, founded in 1972, which operates domestic and international flights; the hub is to Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport, while the bases are located in Chittagong Shah Amanat International Airport and Sylhet Osmani International Airport.



Rajhans Swan

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Rajhans means royal swan. The white swan is the symbol of Goddess Saraswati, Goddess of divine wisdom. It is said about the mythological Rajhans royal swan that it has the power to discriminate the good from the bad, to separate milk from water. These birds are easily recognizable in addition to the size, especially for long necks have elegant demeanor and appearance of the two sexes is very similar.



Indian Museum Buddhist Sculptures

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The panel depicts the parinirvana of the Buddha in the usual iconographic typology defined in misnomers aniconic, typical of Buddhist representations prior to the first century AD. In this archaic phase, where it is absent the anthropomorphic representation of the Buddha, the Buddha's earthly demise is symbolically represented by image of the stupa, adored by men and be glorified by heaven.



Khasta Goja

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Goja an authentic popular Bengali sweet made of refined flour and milk, then fried with oil. The sensitivity of the chemical in the perception of sweetness, which varies for individuals and species, has been understood only in recent times. The model theorist currently accepted involves multiple sites of binding between the receptor and the sweet substance.



Victoria Memorial

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Victoria Memorial, built between 1906 and 1921, is a glorious architectural monument of white marble. This magnificent memorial is a wonderful combination of Italian and Mughal style. Victoria Memorial, the most famous and most photographed monuments of Calcutta, a mammoth building whose construction were profuse tons of white marble. It was inaugurated on 28 December 1921 by the then Prince of Wales intended then to ascend the throne as Edward VIII. Today it is a museum with collections of paintings and weapons that retrace the epic British in India.