Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shakespeare Sarani

Shakespeare Sarani Theater Road

Shakespeare Sarani earlier Theater Road is a street running in the central business district of Kolkata from Park Circus to Chowringhee Road. Shakespeare lived between the sixteenth and the seventeenth century, a period when the company was making the transition from medieval to the modern world. In 1558 the throne of the kingdom had risen Elizabeth I of England, ushering in a period of artistic and cultural flowering that she took the name.

John appears for the first time in historical documents in 1552 . A document informs us that John Shakespeare had to rent a wing of what would later become famous as the birthplace of the poet , situated in Henley Street. In 1556 John increased his property, buying a property in land and the other wing of the house where, at that time was a separate structure.

The date of the baptism of William Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon turns out to be 26 April 1564 transcription in the parish register reads: Gulielmus, filius Johannis Shakespeare. Although there are no joints the school records of that period, many biographers Shakespeare attended the King's New School , institute free for the males of the town, dedicated to Edward VI and funded by the Guild of the Holy Cross, which is about four hundred yards from his home.

Among the baptism of the twins, and his appearance on the British literary scene, there are no documents relating to the life of Shakespeare; For this reason, the period from 1585 to 1592 is defined by scholars as lost years. The attempt to explain this period gave rise to numerous assumptions and fantasies often no evidence to support these stories if not the hearsay collected after the death of the playwright.

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