Jamai Sasthi

Red Road

Red Road. Prominent occupy in road design considerations geological, since problems relating to this field can in some cases push the designer to radically alter the path chosen initially because of even serious problems of this nature. For this reason it is also necessary during the design, check with a geological and geotechnical feasibility of the work.

The problems most commonly encountered are those related to possible failures due to the limited features bearing the land below, the danger of landslides in the areas surrounding the path including the risk of trigger it during construction, and landslides in general.

In general, the instability factors relating to the construction and maintenance of a road is divided into geological factors, which include all the geological characteristics of the ground with their issues in the case of not sufficient importance or presence of discontinuities such as to constitute a risk of failure factors hydrogeological, since the presence of water in the subsoil can be a significant problem decreasing the strength characteristics of the soil, or in the presence of materials that swell in contact with water, the alternation of presence rainfall events and absence dry periods of water in the soil can lead to fracturing of the same and or of the road. T

his phenomenon can occur also due to the cycle freeze thaw, which causes a precisely increase and decrease respectively of the volume of the soil; factors hydrological, since rainwater determine an action potentially harmful both in case of runoff that of motion channeled; in the first case there is an action erosive extended and, in case of rainfall events of strong intensity , you can have a reduction of the load-bearing characteristics such as to cause slippage of the roadway; in the second case it has only the erosive action which, however, being concentrated, is considerable and can generate instability.

However it is possible to realize a road crossing areas where there are problems of this type, of course preparing civil works details. In case of change in landslide-prone slopes, for example, you can create protective and preventive interventions such as rockfall protection kits, riveting, reforestation , drainage works .