Jamai Sasthi


Rasmalai sweet

Rasmalai is a Bengali sweet dessert sweet rustic made on the farm with homemade cheese and milk milled on site. It's a simple sweet, an old recipe but it is very tasty and very nutritious ie full of calories.

If the Rasmalai you eat slowly and closed eyes what you hear is a soft cuddle; if it were color would be a blaze of yellow pineapple, strawberry red, white coconut that are splash into one another. This is my feeling describing them in a practical way. But the description does not make the explosion of serotonin that makes me gush its flavor!

The milk sauce, dubbed by me the sauce of happiness is a key element, feeding Indian inevitable: it begins early in the morning, you see the street mothers who accompany their children to breakfast from the coconuts green, armed with a cleaver and straws, the first to open the coconuts and the latter to offer you a drink in lunches and dinners rarely missing a coconut chutney or curry; sweet coconut and cardamom for tea time and if you walk from the temple is easy to find yourself holding a dry coconut to break and give to the gods!

 Foods rich in carbohydrates simple, such as sugars, are commonly associated with sweetness. There are also some molecules of natural origin or human invention which are perceived as sweet at concentrations much lower and can be used as sweeteners low-calorie. Finally, some substances which are not directly activating the receptors can alter the perception of sweet.