Jamai Sasthi


Radha Ballavi kachori puri luchi

Radhaballavi is a delicious Bengali soft, fluffy, lentil stuffed bread which is stuffed with Bengal gram paste, very popular in breakfast and as evening snack served either with Cholar Dal. The pure, or poori Puri, is an unleavened bread Indian non leavened, consumed mainly in India, Pakistan, Turkey and Bangladesh as before breakfast , snack or quick meal. It is also usually served along with other dishes vegetarian during ceremonial functions and as part of the offer to the gods in the prasadam.

The word pure literally means bread in the Georgian language and comes from the word in Sanskrit pūrikā. Puri is prepared using a mixture of flour Atta integral and salt, then extended through a rolling pin and fried in butter ghee or vegetable oil . In Pakistan and other parts of India like West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, puri is usually prepared with Maida flour instead of the Atta. While frying the dough swells becoming slightly spherical. When it starts to become golden color, it is removed and served hot.

Radhaballavi usually has a filling of fried peas or boiled and then processed with various spices to your taste. Usually you put over the various spices also ginger and lemon which gives it a distinctive taste.