Jamai Sasthi

Joynagarer Moa

Joynagarer moa is one of popular sweets in Bengal. This Bengali sweet available during winter season is a famous but rustic sweet and a must taste during winters which is sweet, round and quintessentially Bengali made from khoi, kheer and nolen gur, and is only a winter treat.

The rice balls or Joynagarer moa, the pride of Bengali cuisine are small pies fit to be eaten either as a snack or as an appetizer, main dish or even a main course. In Bengal you will find anywhere and at any time, always warm and fragrant in many fast from city to city often change shape and size, assuming features oval, pear shaped or round, depending on the filling.

You can count about 100 variants from the classic to the more original as pistachio! The rice balls were already present in the eleventh century. These balls were called Joynagarer moa and often were eaten in picnic outdoors.

Other texts of the seventeenth century show that many were used to keep the rice balls in the leaves of bamboo as a snack for lunch during the war. The origins of Joynagarer moa, however, date back to long before. Before fried rice was often reduced to a ball to be consumed more quickly and easily. Later it spread with a huge variety and with many different ingredients.