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Kolkata Police Kiosk

Kolkata Police Kiosk helpline numbers

Police kiosks all over Kolkata act as immediate responders to anyone who cannot reach the police station regarding complaints of crime, taxi refusals and other law and order issues. The function of the police, as for generally refers to systems in Western culture of our times, eminently regards to combating crime, organized or individual. It is not uncommon, indeed, to see that the term police is also required by law to have a use for functions exquisitely respect of the protection of the legal order.

The police thus identified work done mainly because the order gets the respect of the community concerned through compliance with the laws responsible to regulate the life, respect that so much is made ​​explicit in inducing behavioral conduct a correct in that punishment behaviors incorrect. This applies to its total operating potential, in order to prevent the commission and the commission of acts and the acts constituting the crime or disturbance of public order and the purpose of prosecuting the perpetrators of any acts and unlawful acts. It is in this sense that at least in the legal systems of Latin, respectively, it is customary to distinguish between prevention police and judicial police .

British police was one of the first organizations to institutional police in the modern sense, having introduced a concept never waned of the Metropolitan Police as early as the seventeenth century.
But the concept of community policing as we know it today dates back to 1821, when England born Scotland Yard which, however, took the name only in 1829. Before that date, police duties were assigned to the upright citizens according to the Code of Winchester of 1285. The traditional Bobby is one of the most characteristic figures and notes the varied field of police officers.