Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kolkata Maidan

Maidan is a term coming from the Arabic meaning square one of the largest green spaces in central Kolkata. The park is adjacent to Victoria Memorial. Maidan covers 1000 acres. Maidan  hosted the Exhibitions. Maidan has also become home to numerous political and cultural events, such as the one of bookfair and the brigade parades. In the park, the protest also took place on February 2003 against the invasion of Iraq.

Calcutta was formed between 1888 and 1923, with the annexation of suburban areas, on a system of compact city, a development mostly linear, with crossing wide streets and gardens mainly from its center, represented by Fort William. The current urban structure is organized into functional areas: the administrative district, the commercial and the intended port facilities, in close contact with each other and disposed along the river; residential areas, where they are recognized and classified levels of quality in Calcutta which is structured socially and morphologically, and areas for industrial activities that surround the city.

The historic center of the city is the famous Maidan, a vast parkland dominated by the imposing ramparts of Fort William stellar: in it you will find the Queen Victoria Memorial, a monumental complex in severe neoclassical style, and the Raj Bhavan, the official residence of the Governor . Footprint of the EU, but in different styles, they are also the Palace of Justice, banks and trading houses, lined up along a road network very regular and monotonous.

In 1758 British East India Company, with the abolition of the Battle of Plassey, seized the Fort of Nawab of Bengal, property of the canons of Nawab Siraj-ud-daulah since the time of the Reign as Nawab. And the area was a hunting reserve until British  not only opened it to the public, but it was in any case they belong to upper middle class and aristocracy.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, following clashes between demonstrators and police and issues, the Parks established the freedom of meeting and expressing their opinions in the parks, thus giving rise to tradition of the Speakers' Corner.

Among the major events hosted by the park in the course of its history must be remembered that in the Nineteenth Century took place in the Great Exhibitions, and that the occurrence was before moving to another area of the city. During the Second World War the park was used for the Army.

One site of interest is certainly the Race Course, located in the northeastern corner of the park not far from Victoria Memorial, where you can still find people who give talks and express their views, especially on weekends. The park also features themed gardens, and certain species of special botanical interest and aesthetic.

Finally, of great interest are the borders of the park, Birla Planetarium, Eden Gardens and St. Pauls Church.

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