Narkel Naru: Coconut Balls

November 30, 2012 Kalyan Panja 0 Comments

narkel naru ladoo coconut balls

Narkel naru, or balls of jaggery flavoured coconut, is another of the sweets made with jaggery and rolled flat coconut, which are served during festivals. Its a very versatile recipe that lends itself to many variations according to taste.



Hooghly River Lights

November 29, 2012 Kalyan Panja 1 Comments

An evening by the Hooghly river and Vidyasagar Setu. Hooghly River is majestic soaring well 4 bridges and yet the oldest among them, the Howrah Bridge also known as Rabindra Setu, in honor of the great poet Rabindranath Tagore still figure as the busiest in the city perhaps because, compared to the other three, the Vidyasagar Setu, the Vivekananda Setu and the Nivedita Setu guarantees free access.


Oils Not Well

November 27, 2012 Kalyan Panja 1 Comments

Whatever the evolution of the prices of a barrel in the next decade investors would do well to begin to shift their investments right now from oil to renewable energy sources. The risk that assets will lose value oil is very high in a scenario with low prices is well known, but by investing in new wells, the danger of making holes in the water is real even in a scenario with oil at high prices. While extracting hydrocarbons always costs more, in fact, renewables are becoming more competitive and prices per barrel salt in the medium term will only accelerate the deployment of renewable and alternative technologies.



International Day of Families

November 25, 2012 Kalyan Panja 0 Comments

International Day of the Family, founded by the United Nations in 1993. Thanks to the healthy family the state gets stronger and develops and the well being of people grows. At all times the level and character of development of the country has been judged o­n the attitude of the state to family, as well as its stand in a society. This is due to the fact that the happy union of family and the state is a necessary pledge of prosperity and well being of its citizens. Human life commences with family and then its formation as citizen takes place.



Communists in Bengal

November 23, 2012 Kalyan Panja 0 Comments

Finally the curtains are down for the world's longest democratically-elected Communist government in a state. The people has ended the uninterrupted 34 year old rule of the Left Front to give power to the right wing forces. The opposition came with a landslide victory with the communists left to rubbles and wrest the seat of power in Bengal, the Writers Building for the next 5 years.



Kolkata Mango

November 21, 2012 Kalyan Panja 1 Comments

There is hardly a person who doesn't enjoy a slice of a luscious Mango during summer and rightly so is considered the king of fruits. The arrival of the first batch of mangoes mostly coincides with the kalboishakhi, the nor'wester that lashes the city during the pre-monsoon months.



Chhath Puja at Babughat

November 19, 2012 Kalyan Panja 0 Comments

During Chhath Puja celebration to worship God Sun, huge crowd can be seen on Babughat performing their puja. And after the light and the hope of prosperity wealth of Diwali comes also from the sun purifier. The Chhat festival is an important event in Nepal and many other countries of the subcontinent. A Hindu festival that has many interesting meanings.



Grand Trunk Road

November 17, 2012 Kalyan Panja 0 Comments

The Grand Trunk Road GT Road was initiated by, and later constructed and extended by Sher Shah Suri, who then ruled much of northern India. Grand Trunk Road , the road that Kipling in his novel Kim, calls the backbone of India and is, in fact, the only major thoroughfare, busy and colorful truck with all sorts of vehicles and animals, which leads from Calcutta to Kabul, along the Pakistan.



Lord Kartikeya

November 16, 2012 Kalyan Panja 0 Comments

Kartik Puja falls on the last day of the bengali month Kartik in the middle of November. Kartik, called Skanda in the sacred text of the Veda, or also Muruga, Subramanya, Velan, Kumara and Shanmukha is the Deva of the war. The name Skanda means the gushing as the tradition wants it conceived by the only seed that the father Rudra Shiva threw himself into the fire and poured them into the Ganges.



Bengal Elections

November 08, 2012 Kalyan Panja 0 Comments

It is Election time these days when volumes and tempers are in full pitch in Kolkata, because the city takes politics very seriously. Kolkata’s streets are filled with signs and flags for a staggering number of political parties. Women are a powerful force in Indian politics, although they are quite rare in the public sphere of urban life.



Mother Teresa of Calcutta

November 06, 2012 Kalyan Panja 0 Comments

After taking the vows, Teresa left Darjeeling and reached Calcutta, where for the next 17 years she lived and worked at the Catholic College of Saint Mary's High School in the suburb of Entally, frequented mostly by the daughters of the British colonists. She taught history and geography, and was able to study the Hindi language.



Dakshineswar Temple

November 05, 2012 Kalyan Panja 0 Comments

Dakshineswar built between 1847 and 1855, is an excellent example of Bengali architecture. Gadadhar Chattopadhyay, known as Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was a mystic Indian. Ramakrishna was a prominent mystic, as well as a guru, famous for taking the various mystical paths of the world's major religions. His teachings emphasize self-realization as the highest goal of life, develop love and devotion for God , the oneness of existence, the harmony and the essential unity of religions .

The disciples of Ramakrishna, including Swami Vivekananda, gave birth to an order inter-religious, the Ramakrishna Mission, with the aim of spreading the idea of the oneness of the Divine and the validity of any religious path. At Kàmarpukur had spread the rumor that Ramakrishna had gone mad because of the intense spiritual asceticism to which he was subjected to Dakshineswar.

Ramakrishna, however, came to know and instead of opposing the marriage began to take an active interest in the choice of the bride indicating also the place where the bride and the family could be found the village of Jairambati about 5 km by Kámarpukur and the family of a certain Ramachandra Mukherjee. The bride, a girl of just six years old named Sarada Devi, was found. The marriage was celebrated solemnly, the bride returned to her father's house and Ramakrishna to Dakshineswar to resume his asceticism.

Sarada realized that the neighbors talked to each other of the misfortune that had befallen said that her husband had gone mad, and of course he was very upset. He decided to go to Dakshineswar and see for themselves the condition of her husband. She found it quite normal, remained with him for some time and then returned to Jayrambati; After a few years she was always beside him.



Bengali Fish Curry

November 04, 2012 Kalyan Panja 0 Comments

Rice and fish are traditional favorite foods and their importance is underlined by the Bengali said machhe Bhate Bangali, which translates as fish and rice make a Bengali. In the vast repertoire of Bengali dishes prepared with fish, there are some species Hilsa, a favorite among the population. The culinary tradition of Bengal has close relations with the Indian world and the Middle East, to which must be added its own characteristics. The main foods are made ​​of rice and fish curry.