Jamai Sasthi

Maddox Square Durga Puja

Maddox Square hosts one of the most famous Durga Pujas in Kolkata which for five glorious days became Calcutta trendy fashionable hotspot. It is one of the first sculptural representations of the myth of Durga Mahishasura Mardini, delicate and dramatic style is narrated the duel on which depends the fate of the world, but Durga is graceful and serene; to understand why it is so represented must go back to the story of its origins.

They were dark times for the gods. The asura Mahishasura, the demon resembling a buffalo running around the universe destroying everything that was blocking the road. The palaces of the gods were destroyed, as their armies and on earth to the men there were only prayers. The gods assembled in the presence of the supreme Vishnu and Shiva, seeking protection and rescue. But this time the power gained from Mahishasura was superior even to the supreme forces.

The world was on the brink of a cosmic crisis, the weight of the evil he was about to destroy the creation. Powerless, the gods of wrath bubbled. With the mounting anger of the gods grew in size and when they were at the peak of power in the world spit hot flames of indignation. The fire produced by all the gods became a hot cloud, condensed and gradually became a young woman from the unparalleled beauty: Durga was born, the only force capable of destroying Mahishasura gods and bowed in surrender delivered to Durga their weapons carry them all the more valuable-for goddess was created with 18 arms-putting in his power all their trust.

A horse of a lion, given to her by the king of the Himalaya mountains, Durga began to hunt the buffalo demon. Finding it was not hard, and immediately broke the fateful battle. Mahishasura was destined to die, he knew well the demon, but this certainly did not diminish the strength of his attacks. Durga did not let him escape, though several times Mahisha had cambianto form in an attempt to save themselves. Finally Durga is vibrated in the air and with a mortal blow trident beheaded Mahishasura, the buffalo and kills the demon who tried to escape from the body mutilated animal.

The battle was over, Durga, with a serene and detached in the face, had made his duty, restoring the balance between good and evil.