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The Kalojam is a traditional Indian dessert. It is usually prepared during the holiday, like the Diwali and the Ganpati Chaturthi, but is able to delight any occasion. The preparation of traditional classical and Kalojam is quite complex, and this new recipe is simple and fun. Most, if not all, of sweet milk born in Bengal, there is a vast variety of goodies that can achieve starting from the milk.



Dhakuria Lake

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Rabindra Sarobar is a large man made lake and is a breath of fresh air in Calcutta in the midst of usual heat and dust. A lake or lake basin is a large mass for the most fresh water collected in the hollow Earth. The large lakes are sometimes referred to as inland seas, and sometimes the small seas are called lakes. Two examples are the Great Salt Lake and the Dead Sea.



Shankarpur Beach

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Shankarpur, the solitary beach, 10 km from Digha, is a fishing harbour and is the least crowded beach of the region. The beach lined with casuarina plantations has every comfort you expect from a virgin beach. It is defined as the beach in the sense geomorphological area coastal sandy overlooking a marine or lacustrine basin, characterized by an inclination towards the basin itself and between the lower limit and the upper limit of the action of the waves. In the sense sedimentological, a beach is a sedimentary body sandy, pebbly, more rarely silty clay or accumulated reworked by waves.