Jamai Sasthi

IIT Kharagpur

The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur or briefly IITK is an institute of technology in the city of Kharagpur 120 kilometers from Calcutta was born in 1951. The IITK has focused in the search for engineering and the sciences, and university teaching.

The historic Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, which was one of the first and most important institutions to carry forward to the mid-twentieth century, the renewal of the university system in India, which boasts 11 academic centers, 13 academic departments and 4 schools, which states as its mission of wanting to contribute to the improvement of India and the world through excellence in education and research in science and technology and that he had among his students today leader in the field of science and technology, is a close lowest level in the group General 351-400.

A group of students from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur has developed a project of bio-batteries that can be used not only in the treatment of waste water, but also in the production of electricity. Its technology is based on the growth of colonies of anaerobic bacteria capable of producing electrons, just as are used in the cleaning of sewage. According to the Times of India, the current prototypes have already been patented and are able to purify 50,000 liters of liquid, corresponding to the daily intake of about 100 apartments.

One of the students involved in the project, however, specify that the water thus recovered, even if certified fit for domestic use, it is still not drinking.