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Mothers Day

mothers day

In the women's lives, even though there has weakened many taboos' first of all those related to the body and its vicissitudes sensual, the ties of kinship and family life seem to remain important, first of all the maternal role. Children can make gifts on Mother's Day, that the mother will remember forever. Depending on the age of the child, the designs of Mother's Day can be simple or complex. Be sure to choose an activity that allows the children themselves and their relationships with their mothers are. These projects can involve flowers, hand prints and portraits.

The flowers are traditional gifts on Mother's Day, so it's normal that there are many craft projects for that day involving flowers. You can create flowers painting egg boxes and with a pipe cleaner as a stem. Cut the egg carton for each piece to transform a flower. Put them in a bowl to form a beautiful bouquet. Another alternative is to ask the children to paint a clay pot and plant a flower. Make a paper saying that the flower will grow, as the love of the son for the mother grows.

The handprint of a child is a wonderful memory to keep for many years and remember how little was the child's hand. Thinking of doing a project for Mother's Day using marks in his hands. For example, you can make a mark with clay and let it dry. Note the year and a message on the side. You can also cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of baby's hand and use that model to make a bouquet of flowers, each hand is a flower.

A frame can be a special gift for Mother's Day, especially because it allows the child to put a special photo. Buy wooden frames and have the kids stick marbles or make mosaics. After the glue dries, remove the pieces that have adhered to the glass. You can also create a simple cardboard frame, allowing the child to paint and paste the embellishments you want.

In many situations it seems that the current needs of the maternal function does not need to be argued: motherhood continues to show biologically, historically, socially and psychologically functional and natural. Motherhood is still considered the typical fate of a woman, and if someone dares to go against the normal path defined, often been associated with the faults and defects, and the social pressure begins to be felt; nor can he expect applause, as in society, parenting is considered a demonstration of maturity and the birth of a child is celebrated as an event that confirms the rule. 

Not surprisingly, the pregnant woman's body elicits reactions in the other: the pregnant woman is recognized socially, people will offer to open the doors, is given a seat on public transport, is touted as the bearer of a future like atmosphere, where motherhood is valued and glorified as a great work, who does not have children is not always easy. 

The social norm tells women: you have to give birth, otherwise you'll never be a right woman, there will belong to the group of people who improve the world with their care and their responsibility, and the prejudice that happiness is realized only through the blessing of the children depreciates the lifestyle of all those women who would like to avoid that model prevalent. But, if the majority of women consider having a child as a happy choice, if they want to organize their lives with him, watching him grow, educate and draw from all this joy, others, on the contrary, they feel like motherhood is not a path to happiness. In this case, we are really facing the wrong women, missing, psychically problems?