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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Kolkata

Get cosy in a fine rainy day in a public park in Kolkata, at the Victoria Memorial or at the Nandan complex, which are an exceptional lover's zone very popular among youngsters, couples for dating, as also cinema halls put up closed box sitting arrangements to woo couples.

It is commemorated in the Roman martyrology on February 14, the day was celebrated the ancient feast of Saint Febronia. His remains were buried on the hill of Terni, the LXIII mile of the Via Flaminia , near a necropolis. On the site was built in the fourth century, a basilica which currently are guarded, enclosed in a glass case, the relics of the saint it seems that they were brought into the city by the three disciples of the philosopher Craton, Apollonius, and Efebo Procuro, converted from the future saint, and for this reason have been martyred.

Other relics are also present in the Cathedral of the Assumption of Savona , in the medieval church of St. Valentine of Sadali in Sardinia, in Belvedere Maritime in Calabria and in the mother church of Vico del Gargano where he is revered as a protector of the city and citrus groves. According to other sources, other relics of St. Valentine are in Ozieri, the main center of the Logudoro, about fifty kilometers from Sassari: would bring, in 1838, a Benedictine monk native of the place, which would then buried in sixteenth-century church dedicated to Saints Cosmas and Damian on the hill of the Capuchins. A jar with the blood of St. Valentine would also in the glass case containing the skull of St. Justina in the church of St. Martin in Arese (PV).

Another part of the saint's relics are located in a small mountain village, Abriola , located in the province of Potenza, in Basilicata, where the saint, before he died, he was sent into exile. There are many legends become part of popular culture, of episodes about the life of St. Valentine:

One of them has it that Valentine, pardoned and entrusted to a noble family, performed the miracle of restoring sight to the blind daughter of his jailer Valentino, when he was about to be beheaded, tenderly tied to young, greeted her with a farewell message that ended with the words from Valentine.

Another, originally American, tells how one day the bishop, walking, he saw two young men who were fighting and met them holding out a pink and inviting them to hold it together in their hands: the young departed reconciled. Another version of this story has it that the saint was able to inspire love to the two young people by flying around them several pairs of pigeons who exchanged sweet gestures of affection; from this episode is believed to derive the spread of the expression lovebirds .

According to another story, Valentine, former bishop of Terni, united in marriage the young Christian Serapio and the Roman centurion Sabino the union was hampered by her parents but, overcome the resistance of these, it was discovered that the young man was seriously ill. The centurion Valentino called to the bedside of the dying young man and asked him never to be separated from the beloved: the holy bishop baptized him and then joined in marriage to Serapio, after which they both died.