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Kolkata Race Course

Kolkata Race Course rctc

Built in the year 1820, Kolkata Race Course, is one of the largest horse race venues in India, has a capacity of 30000 spectators. In its history have been hosted here also meetings of horse racing. It plays host to horse races during weekends during July to September and November to March seasons. The modern racetracks have forums and structures to accommodate the audience and allow them to make bets on races in the program. Depending on the type of competition that host, there are racecourses dedicated to the races at the trot, to those in the canter and multipurpose facilities, able to accommodate both types of stroke.

Kolkata also has three golf courses. The oldest is the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, the first built outside the UK. The other two are located at Tollygunge Club and Fort William. The Calcutta Polo Club is the oldest existing polo club in the world. The Calcutta South Club is the venue for national and international tournaments of tennis, which hosted the first national tournament on grass in 1946,

It is located near the city center, not far from the railway station and is easily accessible by public transport or by car, even from the ring road. It is usually held two or three meetings of races a week, usually on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. On the ground floor include a bar and a restaurant, as well as the stakes and the betting room. The Royal Calcutta Turf Club is home to horse racing and polo tournaments.

The Maidan is the largest park located in the heart of the city, and called the lungs of Kolkata, which hosts sporting events and public, includes expanses of lawns, soccer fields and cricket and racecourse. Includes Fort William, Strand Road, Khidirpur, Dufferin Road, Hooghly Bank and Chowringhee. The majestic Victoria Memorial and the racecourse are located at its southern boundary.

The track of the canter is natural grass, has a circular shape and measure 2,436 meters with a home straight of 800 straight track with me about 1000 m track for the trot, in the sand, is oval in shape and measure about 1000 m There are also three tracks from the leg and training in grass and sand.

The slopes for the trot is generally ring-shaped surface with sand or more rarely other materials such as clay or coal. the average size in rope inside of the ski trot is usually 800 or 1000 meters. The slopes for the gallop are generally covered by a grassy, ​​and depending on the type of race at a gallop may have more or less elongated oval shape and a straight track length of about 1000 meters.

Among the most well-known racecourses we report the Ascot Racecourse in England.