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Cuthbertson & Harper

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Established in 1837, Cuthbertson & Harper is one of the renowned shoe merchants, which earlier catered to the affluent British colonials and gentry who showed a lack of interest to shop at the various local bazaars. The first shoes were made ​​in prehistoric times with animal skins or wood. Archaeological finds attest, in fact, that the oldest pair of shoes, so far discovered dates back to about 9000 BC, found in the United States in plant material.

In temperate regions the shoes were very simple similar to modern sandals, while in cold regions were used shoes coated. The production of a shoe was a complicated process for the time, so these objects were considered luxury items. In historical times the shoes became common use: the first historical attestation of which we have evidence dating back to the Egyptian period, and more precisely to the Old Kingdom, visible in the so-called Narmer tablet, which takes its name from Pharaoh mythological Narmer on both sides of the bar of dark green shale, there is a servant who gives the Pharaoh a pair of sandals, and is dated around 3000 BC. 

Around 1300 BC the Hittites invented the sandal curved tip, while it is known that the desert peoples had already thong sandals with very wide sole for not sink into the sand.

The ancient Greeks used the sandals and upodémata, As for the Romans, as we see from the paintings and frescoes, the most popular shoes were sandals. The iconographic sources and historical handed down to us that they could show off more than a dozen different types of shoes, and that they have followed the fashion trends. In the Middle Ages the common people wore wooden shoes clogs, of leather or simple pieces of cloth that were wrapped around the foot.